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Any member of AboveAndBeyondMusic.net is free to post paid gigs here for other members of ABM to view and to which they can submit. All proposed postings are to be emailed to the Founder, Gary Gray at gary@garygrayproductions.com, and if approved, they will be posted on this page. 

NOTE: Per the NDA you signed with ABM, advertising your services or products, or outside services or products to other ABM members is prohibited at any time within any ABM activity. Should any ABM member advertise their paid services or products, or other paid services or products to you directly, please report the matter to both the Director of Inspections and the Founder. Thanks!

- Gary Gray Founder & CEO

gary@garygrayproductions.com 818 536 8742

voice over job

On the Briefs Page of AboveAndBeyondMusic.net, you will find a Brief for Amazing Aquariums & Reefs of Southern California. 
This is the first opportunity of its kind in ABM history, in that ABM has partnered with Lutenske Creative Services in forming our very own in-house Ad Agency. 
I am personally working on securing clients. Our first potential client is Amazing Aquariums & Reefs of Southern California. Caitlin Lutenske, President of Lutenske Creative Services and I will be making a presentation to the owner of AA&R as soon as we have our first rough draft commercial completed. So far we have several ABM Members whose music has been accepted, and Lutenske Creative Services has put together the first rough draft video for the commercial. Needed now are two Voice Over recordings:
One Male Voice Over Recording and
One Female Voice Over Recording
I am reaching out to services such as Fiverr.com, but also felt it would be smart to offer this opportunity to ABM members to "keep it in the family" where possible. 
If you have Voice Over experience, or would like to try your hand at it, I encourage you to follow the following instructions:
1. Read the Script Below. You can print it off by clicking on the Google Doc link here.
2. Download the 60 Second 1st Rough Draft commercial video here.
3. Record 3 good voice over takes and email one 320 kbps MP3 with all three takes, one after the other (with no music - just the dry voice over takes. NO processing) to musignition@gmail.com with the Subject Line: AA&R VO Submission.
4. For examples of professional Voice Over performances click here.
If you are chosen for the Voice Over job, you will receive a one-time payout of $50. 

Amazing Aquariums & Reefs of Southern California 

Voice Over SCRIPT:


"Coral reefs are one of the most diverse ecosystems on the planet. Here at Amazing Aquariums & Reefs, we understand the delicate balance needed to help you create your personal thriving underwater universe. We invite you to explore one of the world’s premiere leaders in saltwater aquariums, where we help our customers reach their aquatic goals in an honest, friendly and ethical manner.


"We’re proud of our 5-star rating on Yelp and look forward to earning your business – year after year.


"Amazing Aquariums & Reefs.


"Exotic Fish, Living Coral and Other Fascinating Creatures of the Deep.


"Come see for yourself!


"Visit AmazingAquariumsAndReefs.com today."


paid mastering job

Spaghetti Western II

Paid Gig: MASTERING JOB 20 November 2020

From: ABM Member Paul Armendariz

Overseen by: Gary Gray – Founder and CEO of AboveAndBeyondMusic.net

Deadline: 10 Days

Budget: $360.00 U.S.

To Apply For This Job: Email Gary Gray at musignition@gmail.com with the subject line: MASTERING JOB.

Job Description: Master the second commissioned Spaghetti Western Genre production album created and mixed by Paul Armendariz for Position Music, a Music Licensing Company. The first album, approved and shopped by Position Music, is promoted on their website under the title “A Fistful Of Western.”

Through Position Music, some of Paul’s work has been licensed on the award-winning Microsoft/Ubisoft Video Game Crew 2, and all of Paul’s music is  actively being shopped. Paul has also gotten several other placements through Position Music and has done work for Disney and 20th Century Fox.

Case Study:

Whether or not you are interested in bidding for this job, this entire project is an excellent CASE STUDY of one of my students, Paul Armendariz of San Diego, California, who has apprenticed under me and who has embraced my philosophies and implemented my workflows in the areas of:






  1. Hiring Interns

  2. Networking

  3. Shopping Tracks for Licensing

  4. Promotion/Marketing

  5. Negotiations/Sales


I took Paul through a detailed apprenticeship of each of the categories above over a period of approximately two years. This resulted in one of Paul’s interns (I taught Paul how to hire and manage interns) reaching out and locating a company in London who ended up signing Paul to a multiple production album deal (Paul is on his fourth production album). Previously Paul could not mix and master his music on his own. He now follows the revolutionary A/B’ing techniques I developed and teach and Paul is now seeing income as a result of creating, mixing and mastering his music on his own.

This particular job, a mastering job, is something that Paul is willing to pay someone for (from money that he’s made from licensing) so that he can crank out even more tracks, while helping ABM.

Let’s unpack the details of this job and the resources you will be given to get it done.

Below is a Dropbox Link to Paul’s earlier licensed Spaghetti Western Files which you can use for Reference Tracks. This includes:

  1. Mixes

  2. Masters

  3. Cues

These files are from Paul Armendariz’ Earlier Licensed Spaghetti Western Job:


When you open this link, you will see the Dropbox Folder Title:

Spaghetti Western 1 FINAL MIXES FM + MASTERSTop of Form)Bottom of Form

Definition of FINAL MIXES FM:

FINAL MIXES For Mastering (Unmastered Mixes)


On the Dropbox site you will see a number of WAV FILES.

In order to understand what these various WAV files are, and in order to start the project with an organized and clear picture of what you’ll be doing, take a look at (and listen to) the FINAL DELIVERED PRODUCTS that were approved by Position Music and uploaded to their website from where Paul’s music is shopped for licensing deals to potential end-users.

Position Music describes themselves on their website as “an independent publisher, record label, and management firm, redefining what it means to be a music company.”

In licensing language, the Final Delivered Products are known as DELIVERABLES. Paul’s deliverables (MASTERS & MASTERED CUES) for the earlier Spaghetti Western Project are promoted on the Position Music website as:

“A Fistful Of Western”


Make sure you have familiarized yourself with all the Deliverables on the Position Music Website (MAIN VERSIONS, THIRTY SECOND VERSIONS, and SIXTY SECOND VERSIONS).

Now, go back to the Dropbox link of your reference tracks from “A Fistful Of Western,” and download them into organized folders on your computer:


Create 4 folders:





In order to identify which files go into which folders, here is an explanation of how the files are named:

Files that end with FM.wav are MIXES (For Mastering) à MIXES FOLDER

Files that end with MASTER.wav are MASTERS à MASTERS FOLDER

Files that end with 60sec.wav are 60 SECOND CUES à 60 SECOND CUES FOLDER

Files that end with 30sec.wav are 30 SECOND CUES à 30 SECOND CUES FOLDER

NOTE: All files are 44.1 Sample Rate 24 Bit Depth. Deliver the same Sample Rate and Bit Depth for this job.



Here is the link from which you will download the mixes to be mastered for this job:




Separate these files into folders by NAME OF TRACK. The Various Cues and Mixes for each individual title will go into one folder for each title:

  1. Pistolero

  2. The Drifter’s Revenge

  3. Coffin for Sister Samantha           

  4. Long Trek to Gallup        

  5. The Frontier      

  6. El Capitan Rides

  7. Mesilla Valley Massacre

  8. Duel at Sundown


You will notice that each title except for the last track Duel at Sundown, has 6 files. Duel at Sundown has 9 files. This gives you a total of 51 files. Though there are 51 files to Master, the job is actually quite simple and does not require 51 separate Mastering settings. There will be 8 separate Mastering Project Files to open in your DAW (one per title), and therefore, only 8 separate Mastering Chains to set up. Since these tracks are very similar, there is a good chance the 8 separate Mastering Projects could end up also being very similar. I will help show you how to set up this job so it moves fast and efficiently with no time wasted.


If you are the person hired for this job, once you have downloaded the reference tracks and the mixes for this job, and organized all files neatly into folders per the above instructions, email me at musignition@gmail.com for further instructions.


If you are not the person hired for this job, feel free to download the files and study them and to go ahead and try your hand at mastering the tracks as a personal educational/apprenticeship activity.


NOTE: DO NOT SHARE THESE FILES. You are covered by the Non-Disclosure/Non-Compete/Non-Circumvent agreement you signed in being trusted to not share these files with anyone and to not use them for anything other than educating yourself on music production and licensing. If you are hired, you are of course OK to also export the files and send them to myself for quality control checking and to Paul Armendariz.


Last-Minute Deadline 
Assistant Film Sound Engineer 
(Completed & Closed)
$100 via PayPal or Venmo Upon Successful Completion.
Yes. Closing film credit and potential IMDb credit.
If you have had any music licensed, have been paid for it, and that music was broadcast widely on a professional media format such as TV, Film, Video Games, Commercials, etc, and if you were the only person who mixed and mastered that music, you are qualified for this job and are free to apply. Additionally, if you have been paid for mixing/mastering under pressure and heavy deadlines, this gig would be a good fit for you. You do NOT need prior experience mixing to film or video. 
Gig Description: 
I just found out a film I am mixing the soundtrack for has been chosen to be submitted for a European Film Festival on 26 September 2020.
I need assistance in order to get that deadline met. You will be asked to help me edit and mix various portions of Dialogue, Sound Design, Music, Background, Foley, etc. This is for someone fully qualified per the above description who has ample hours available over the next 2 days starting immediately. If more than one person is qualified, I may hire more than one person for this gig. 
How to submit: 
If you are qualified, immediately send an email to gary@garygrayproductions.com (and/or text 818 536 8742 if you are in the U.S.) with the subject line: Assistant Film Sound Engineer.
Gary Gray

Paid Opportunity 29 MAY 2021


Kelly Walsh is looking for a bass player for the song Hand Me Your Heart that he and Gary have been working on (featured in a recent MasterMind session). Kelly is auditioning players and looking for someone who is willing to have fun with the piece and bring the skills of a proficient, seasoned bass player to this track. Kelly is offering $200 for the part.


Anyone interested can reach out to Kelly at ckwalsh1@gmail.com and he will send an MP3 of the song without a bass track. Those interested can submit an MP3 with a sample of their playing over a verse and a chorus of Kelly's song.


Thank you!