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   Sound Design Elements Needed for​ the Short Film
"The Gift"
The Gift Film ProjectABM
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Transcript of Spoken Brief:
“Hello everyone, I’m the director of the Short Film ‘The Gift’ and I’m working with Gary on the Sound Mixing. I will be submitting the short to festivals. 
"And I'm talking to you guys because I need Sound Design in terms of building certain sounds that haven't been recorded during the shoot and that will help the picture to improve the emotional point of view. 
"You can find the link to the Short on AboveAndBeyond.
Download Link: 
Updated Link to Latest Edit 15 September 2020
(With and Without Music):
"If your track will be chosen, you will be credited at the end of the Short, and eventually you will have an opportunity to be credited on IMDb." 
Sound Design Definition: 
Sound design is broken down into: dialogue, foley, sound effects  and music.
This project deals with foley and sound effects.
1. Do I need to have experience doing sound design for films to submit for this project?
Answer: No. Every member of ABM is welcome to submit.
2. Who is this project good for?
Answer: Anyone who would like to add a film post-production credit to their resume; expand their showreel, and learn more about Sound Design, Audio for Films and Film Soundtrack post-production.
3. What is the Deadline for this Project?
Answer: 25 September 2020.
4. How do I submit? 
Answer: Via Gary Gray's Pro Hightail.com account. For more details, contact Dale Proctor at daleproctor@gmail.com.
5. Besides getting credit on the film and an IMDb credit if my Sound Design work is used, will I get paid? 
Answer: If even one small Sound Design element created by you is used in the film, yes, you will get paid a small one-time fee of $50 (not per clip, but a one time fee per person for anyone who gets at least one Sound Design element used in the film). The long-range vision of this project (which is moving along nicely so far) is to establish a strong, long-term relationship with a promising young up-and-coming Director and Filmmaker who has been fully briefed on AboveAndBeyondMusic.net and who has expressed interest in offering possible upcoming Music Soundtrack opportunities to ABM. This opportunity is part of the establishment plans for ABM in reaching out and forming strong relationships in the film industry. 
6. Can I use my Sound Design clips for other projects? Or is this exclusive.
Answer: Yes, you can use your Sound Design creations for other projects. This is non-exclusive. 
7. Can I share the Video File that I downloaded with anyone? 
Answer: No, the work-in-progress Video File(s) is(are) covered under your NDA/Non-Compete contract with ABM. You can use the Video File to work on your Sound Design, but for no other reason. The file(s) is(are) Confidential.
8. Will there be future projects with this Director/Filmmaker if I can't make the 25 September 2020 deadline?
Answer: Absolutely. 
9. What is needed and wanted on this project?
Answer:  The Video File supplied is a rough cut work-in-progress edit of the film with no music. Some Sound Design already exists on the film, but more and better quality Sound Design is needed.
15 September 2020 UPDATE:
The second link above takes you to the latest edits of the film; one is with music and the other is without music. It would be a great idea to create two separate mixes of your sound design elements for the film -- one mix to the film with music (keeping in mind that you don't want to compete with the music in any way) and the other mix to the film without music, where you can supply as many sound effects as you'd like. With these TWO mixes, the director can pick and choose which sound design elements he likes. 
Use the visual cues as your guide and create as many Sound Effects as you can. Use professional, commercially released sound track recordings as your references as you A/B.
1. Your Sound Design Mix to Film With Music.
(ONLY your foley and sound effects. No other elements in your mix, exported as a WAV file 48 / 16). 
2. Your Sound Design Mix to Film With No Music
(ONLY your foley and sound effects. No other elements in your mix, exported as a WAV file 48 / 16). 
3. Each INDIVIDUAL Sound Design Element that you have created as a separate, short WAV file (48 16). Be descriptive in naming each WAV file, such as "Interior Car on Highway 1," Interior Car on Highway 2," "Bottle Emptying Liquid," etc. 
4. Zip up all your files into one folder with the title:
"The Gift - Sound Design - (Your Name & Date)" 
5. Send your Zipped Folder via Gary Gray's Pro Hightail Account:
a. Go To Hightail.com
b. ID: musignition@gmail.com
c. PW: GrammyGrammy1!
d. Click on the "Sends" tab in the upper left.
e. Click on "Send Files" button in the upper left.
f. Address the file to same as ID: musignition@gmail.com
g. Subject: "The Gift - Sound Design - (Your Name & Date)"
h. Message: Copy and paste same as "g" above.
i. Click on the Computer Icon near the center of your screen.
j. Upload your Zipped Folder.
k. Follow the prompts to send the folder. 

Do not contact the director or anyone listed on the credits.


Thanks and Good Luck!

Talk soon!

Gary Gray

Voting Member of the Grammy Recording Academy


15 October 2020


Joseph De Natale

Kristen Allen-Farmer

Beatrice Betley

Thomas Burgers

Steve Dockendorf

Bob Moosavi

Ian Newman

Dan Schreiber

 Matthew Staples

The Gift Film Reel (1) Final.png

Hello Everyone,


I hope that you are all safe and well during these uncertain times. It is with great pleasure that I present to you, “The Gift.” 


I just want to say it has been an honor working with such a passionate and talented group of people. Without the work of each and every one of you, I wouldn’t be here presenting my short film. I really want to emphasize how significant and impactful each of your roles were in the making of every frame that you are about to see. All together we have really done something out of the ordinary. There are no words to describe how proud I am.


I will be submitting “The Gift” for 2021 film festivals. I will keep you all posted in case of selection and winning in determined categories.  


It has been an incredible adventure and learning experience. I hope to work with you all in the future. Thank you for your collaboration, patience, craft, energy and love for filmmaking. 



Until the next one…


Lorenzo Sisti